Section Name Charge Officer Seats Email-id
RR Section Dy Collector [RR] R1,R2,R3,R4 rrpta[dot]ker[at]nic[dot]in
LA Section Dy Collector [LA] C1,C2 dycollectorlapta[at]gmail[dot]com
LR Section Dy Collector [LR] C3, C4,C5,C6,C7,C8, C9,C10,C11,C12 dclrpta[at]gmail[dot]com
General Section Dy Collector [GL] &ADM B1,B2,B3,B4,B5, B6, B7 admpta[dot]ker[at]nic[dot]in
Accounts Section Dy Collector [GL] &ADM A1,A2,A3,A4 admpta[dot]ker[at]nic[dot]in
Secret Section Dy Collector [GL] & ADM S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6 secretpta[at]gmail[dot]com
Finance Section Senior Finance Officer F1,F2,F3,F4,F5 financeofiicerpta03[at]gmail[dot]com
Inspection & Audit Dy Collector [LA] IA1,IA2, IA3 dycollectorlapta[at]gmail[dot]com
Suit Cell Dy Collector [LA] K1,K2,K3 dycollectorlapta[at]gmail[dot]com
Election Section Dy Collector [EL] E1,E2 edcpta[dot]ker[at]nic[dot]in
Disaster Management Deputy Collector (DM) DM1, DM2, DM3, DM4 dmpta03[at]gmail[dot]com

1)R.R Section


Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
R1(R3) Clerk Court Fine,Court Warrants, PPV related to RR,AIT,MVT,Forest Dues and Connected Suits,R.R Sales Tax,Maintanance Allowance, TWWF and connected Suits, SARFAESI ACT 2002
R2(R5) Clerk RR of KFC loan,KSFE,RR related to SC/ST
Coorporation,KSEB Dues,RR relating Backward
classes Corporation and connected files,RR- Bank
loan , KMTWWF and connected suits. Telephone
Dues, KLDC Dues, Bought-in land
R3(R6) Clerk RR – Abkari, Stamp Duty, Housing Loan,
Scholarship, Excise Duty, Library dues, Margin
Money, Hire Purchase dues, Mobilization Advance,
dues from Employment Directorate, KFWWFB,
KHWWFB, MACT, MVT, Pending list,RR related to
Official Liquidator,other RR cases,Corporation
dues,, RR Sales Tax, RR Water Charges,RR
Misceleneous Papers.
R4(R7) Clerk Appointment of Stamp Vendors,Intencive drive to
RR Collection, RRConference, Building Tax
assessment, , DCB Statement, RR Court Fees,
(Refund of Court fee), Administrative reforms,RR
act Amendment proposal


2)L.A Section


Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
C1 Clerk Post award action of Land Acquisition
cases,Redetermination of amount under
Section -28A, Solvency ascertaining of other
District cases, Insolvency Act, Pauper
Suit,miscellaneous papers related to
LA,Periodical related to LA
C2 Clerk Papers on all types of acquisition of land for
Central and State Govt., Housing Board,
National High Way, Local Bodies and all
other Land Acquisition Cases, assessing of
land value for negotiable purchase for all
cases. KSTP Works.

3)L R Section


Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
C3 Clerk Paper on survey and Boundaries Act and other connected
subjects,Resurvey Adalath,Basic Tax,Cardamom and
Coffee Regulation, Assignment of Kandukrishi and
Service Inam Lands
C4 Clerk Kerala conservation of paddy land and wet land Act 2008-
All works related to the Act, KLU Order 1967 – All works
related to KLU Orders – sanctioned to leveling hills for
public purpose, construction of houses etc
C6 Clerk All papers relating to Assignment of Land under KLA
Rules 1964. Kerala Escheat and Forfeiture Act, 1960.
Approval of Assignment list. All Suits and Court reference
relating to the above subject. All Revenue Miscellaneous
Papers and issues relating to land. General papers relating
to Assignment of Land under the KLA Rules 1964,
L.A.Interpellation,Land Relinguishment,Land Treasure
Trove Act,All periodicals
C8 Clerk Cases relating to Taluk Land Board. Surplus Land –
Distribution of surplus – maintenance of periodicalstribunal
cases and all other papers related to KLR Act
C9 Clerk All papers related to Zero Landless Programme, Transfer
of Registry Rules 1966. Appeals and Revisions thereon
C5 Clerk Joint Verification of Encroachment of Forest Land, Paper
relating to Arable Forest Land,, Kuthakapattom Cases and
Lease,Appeal and Revision thereon, Land Bank ,Papers
relating to Kerala Scheduled Tribes Act (Restoration of
Transfer and alienation of land) etc, Kerala Grants and
leases (Modification of Right) Act
C7 Clerk Kerala Mines Minerals Act, All suits and Court
references relating to the above subjects.transportation of
ordinary sand – all papers relating to ordinary sand,Issue
of NOC for the mining of ordinary sand
C10 Clerk Transfer of land – All works related to transfer of land ,
Annual Administrative Report, all residuary files dealt
with H1 & H2 Seat,Revenue Tower,Office allocation in
Revenue Tower and mini civil station, Disposal of trees
standing in,LIGH/MIGH
C11 Clerk Fair Value of land, Bifurcation of Village and Taluk,
Plantation Tax and Revision , Irrigation Act,LR Conference
C12 Clerk All papers relating to Kerala Land Conservancy Act 1957
and appeal and revision thereon

4)General Section


Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
B1 Clerk Construction of Village Office Building& Village Office
Staff Quarters, Sub Divisional Record Room etc.
Maintenance of office building, Files relating to Jawahar
Navodaya Vidhalaya& Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Certificate
Attestation, FCRI, POA Act, PRB Act, Kuttanad
Package,Sanction to construct Devotional Centres ,
Kallooppara Engg.College, Friends Janasevana Kendra,
Higher Secondary School,All miscelaneous papers(all
subjects not dealed in other seats)
B2 Clerk All papers relating to Conference except Collectors
conference& Video conference, Sales of all stamps,
Distribution of Gift artcles, Welfare of Serving Soldiers.
Essential Commodities Act. Tourism files. Environment
files,Hospital Devolepment Committee, files relating
District Cancer Centre, Papers relating to Contageous
Dieseases, Hospitals, Wild life, Cement license, ware
house,POCSO Act, licence Management of
Schools,National Trust, Child protection,welfare of
disabled people, SPCA, waste management. Children’s
Day Celebration and Flag Day
B3 Clerk Labour Disputes, Cinematograph Act, Press
Registration Act, Dramatic Act, Traffic Advisory
Committee& Road Transport Authority, . Death of
Higher Dignitaries, Haj Programme, Celebration of
Independence Day & Republic Day. Rent Control Act,
Fixation of rent of the building occupied by
Govt.Department, Law and Order,Gunda Act
B4 Clerk Explosives Act and Rules, Arms Act & Rules, Petroleum
Act and Rules
B5 Clerk Communal Harmony. National Integration, Sports &
Games & Stadium, Official language,Abkari &
Excise,Exise Duty Exemption,District & Taluk
Devolepment Council,BPL Survey& Census,RTI
ACT,Licence of Semitary,COTPA Act,,News Paper
B6 Clerk Electricity Act and Telegraphs Act, Cutting of trees in
private places, Private Road dispute,District telecom
committee, Internal complaint committee
B7 Clerk Good Governance Certificate issue,All papers relating to
Minority Cell(Sachar Commission) . SudharyiaKeralam,
Issue of Domicile Certificate, Income/Nativity/legal
heirship certificate Appeal ,Paper related to caste

5)Accounts Section


Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
A1 Clerk Maintenance of Bill Book Acquisition Roll,
Permanent Advance Register, Pay Bills, T.A.Bills,
Cash Book and allied Registers,Salary Certificate
A2 Clerk Rajeev Gandhi Water Mission Scheme,
maintenance of Contingent Register, Claims of
Contingent Charge and Contingent Employees,
Contingent Bill relating to District Officer,
Investigation of Arrear claims, Counter Signature of
T.A.Bills, Claims relating to APP’s and
Govt.Pleaders, Special Conveyance Allowance,
Trunk Call Register, Payment of Advocate Fee,
Uniform Allowance, Computerization of Land
Records, Electricity charges of Civil Station and
Mini Civil Station etc, Family Benefit Scheme
Accounts, Medical Reimbursement
A3 Clerk Register, Stationary Articles, Furniture, Call Book,
Consolidated Periodical Register, Purchase
Rules,Rainguage, Collectors Conference, papers
relating to Dist. Panchayat and Panchayat Raj, New
Telephone connections,Maintenance of all type of
Records. All paper relating to vehicles,Record
Room,e -waste
A4 Clerk Maintenance of Service Book, GPF Claims, SLI,
GIS etc

6)Secret Section



Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
S1 Clerk Papers of Passport Act, Foreigners Act, Citizenship
Act, Disciplinary action against Govt. Servant of
Rev. Department, vigilance cases, papers on Govt.
Servants Conduct Rules, MISA and all
Miscellaneous papers of secret nature,, Annual
Landed Property Statement
S2 Clerk Transfer and Postings of UDC/SVO, HC/RI/VO,
Seniority list of all Employees, Survey Training,
Casual Leave Register, Attendance Register. Grade
Promotion, Appointment of Govt.Law Officers,
Inter District/Department transfer of
VO/HC/UDC/SVO, Office Order
S3 Clerk Verification of Character and antecedents of Military
& Civil records, continuous sanction of Temporary
Establishment, Maintenance of Temporary
Establishment Register, Application under
Compassionate Employment Scheme, Papers
relating to Norka & Non-Resident Keralities affairs
except death compensation to Keralities.
Declaration of probation LDC,SC/ST representation
in service,Representation of Phsically handicaped in
service, Bravery awards
S5 Clerk Transfer & Postings of LDC/VA/VM/
LGS/Drivers/Typists/CA/FTS/PTS, Regularization
and Declaration of Probation of LGS/Typist/Village
man/Drivers. Leave except casual leave of Revenue
Staff, Inter District/Departmental Transfer,
Deployment of staff,Ratio Promotion of VM & LGS,
Establishment Papers related to Friends Janasevana
S6 Clerk Distribution of Tapals

7)Finance Section


Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
F1 Clerk DC -Budget & Distribution surrender and
appropriation of funds under all Head of
Accounts, Monthly Accounts and
Reconciliation Receipts/Expenditure under
all head of account, Innovation fund
F2 Clerk Service pension, Freedom Fighters Pension.
All papers related to contributory pension
fund and National Pension scheme, Death
compensation of Keralities died abroad
F3 Clerk Issue of Cheque relating to MPLADS
scheme of all Blocks & Muncipalities, House
Building Advance/Motor Cycle Advance and
other loans, processing of application
related to life optical allowance
F4 Clerk Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund, Jana
F5 Clerk National Social Assistance Programme,
National Family Benefit Scheme, Men of
Arts & Letters etc. Social Security Pension,
National Old Age Pension, /widow,
Handicapped, Leprosy & Cancer, TB
Pension, Motor Accident, Solatium fund etc.
Pension Scheme of unmarried woman
above 50 yrs, allotment of funds under all
social security pension scheme/Financial
assistance to widows for the marriage of
their daughters

8)Inspection and Audit Section



Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
IA1 Clerk Jamabandy, Village Office Inspection,,Monthly
Bussiness Statement, Papers relating to
monthly indicators,File Adalath,
L.R.Commissionerate correspondances
IA2 Clerk General Inspection of Sub Offices ,Surplus
Land (Land Board).,Annual Inspection of
Collectorate by LRC.,Surprise inspection report
of Taluk, Branch Inspection of RR, & Building
IA3 Clerk Audit Report, Inspection Reports and Audit
Notes of Accountant General Audit Objection

9)Election Section


Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
E1 Clerk Parliament Election, Assembly Election, Intensive
Revision, Summary Revision, Distribution of
Epic. maintenance of Ballot Boxes, Maintenance
of Electronic Voting Machines & Power Packs.
Court cases of Parliament and Assembly elections
& maintenance of Computer in connection with
the General Election. Contingent Bills of Election,
Stock Register of Election Materials, Maintenance
of Cash Book, Bill Books, C.B.Register,
Reconciliation of Election Accounts.
E2 Clerk District Panchayat Election, Block Panchayat
Election, Municipal Election Panchayat Election,
Bye-Election. All cases of Panchayat Election,
Maintenance of Ballot Boxes, Stock Register of
Election Materials of Panchayat Election,Salary
Bills ,Mnaintanance of Service Book

10)P.G.R Cell


Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
P1 Clerk Applications relating to Public Grievances
and JSP
P2 Clerk PPV

10)Disaster Management Section


Seat Staff Designation Seat Description
DM1 Clerk Flood, Flood Relief work Administrative Sanction related to
Disaster Management and payment under the jurisdiction of
Thiruvalla revenue division in Pathanamthitta District,
compliance of instruction given from State D.M.Cell and
giving daily report to Government concerned with Natural
Calamity, collecting and maping details of important
Instutitions, Hospitals, Devotional Centres, collection of
details of vehicle and equipments and phone numbers for
Rescue Operation, Co-ordination of Control Rooms related to
D.M.Over all charges of DEOC.
DM2 Clerk Visit of VIP’s, Tour Programme of District Collector,
Reservation of Guest House, Allotment of Government
Quarters, Sabarimala and all other festivals, Preparation of
Act & Rules Control & Co-ordination of Disaster
Management Programme. control and co-ordination of
Project related to D.M,DDMA, Establishment/Budget duties
of Disrict Disaster Management Cell.disbursement of Fund
and preparation of Budget related to Disaster
Management.,Boat races
DM3 Clerk All works related to River management Fund Maintenance of
account – River Bank Protection works, issue of
Administrative Sanction and disbursement of Bills, River
Bank Protection and Sand Mining Act, Meeting and
Conferencs on Sand Mining.Farmers suicide, seizure of
Vechicles ,llegal sand mining and works related to seizure of
vehicles and Connected court cases, implementation of
squad work and connected bills. All Suits and Court cases
related to Sand mining
DM4(DM5) Clerk Drought & Drought Relief Measures Administrative
Sanction and payment of Drought Relief Work ,Flood
Relief work Administrative Sanction related to
Disaster Management and payment under the
jurisdiction of Adoor revenue division in
Pathanamthitta District. Control and Co-ordination
of Village Youth Club, School Suraksha Club, Disaster
other than Natural Calamity,giving daily report of
accidents related to D.M. to Government. Conducting
Training Workshops Seminars Mockdrills related to
D.M., papers relating to Tsunami