Who We Are

We are just an ordinary group of youths, who are highly motivated for the betterment of our society. We have members who are students in high school to professionals working a full time job. The only one criteria for the selection process is willingness to help. Over the course of time we were able to help a lot of people, both the common and the authorities, by doing tasks, which sometimes can be small or sometimes overwhelming, to the best of our abilities. Many people doubted us and told that we were too “inexperienced” to handle such jobs. Even though they didn’t believe in us , our district collector P.B. Nooh sir always believed in us. He gave us proper guidance and remarks whenever we needed it. Even in his busy schedule he made time to chat with the team and keep their morale up. One could say he is the reason DC Volunteer group still exists.

We are not here for the fame or the appreciation, we are here just because we care and due to our firm belief that we can change the world if we keep our mind to it. At the end of the day, we are really content by knowing the fact, our work touched a lot of lives and that we were able to do something to make others life a little bit easier.

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