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M.G. P Activities ( List Of Institutions And Other Details)

The Modernising Government Programme (Kerala MGP) has been drawn up as part of the strategy of Government to overhaul and improve its services to the people of the State. The thrust in MGP is to facilitate public servants and elected officials to serve the citizens of Kerala more effectively, efficiently and equitably with greater accountability. This transformation will facilitate the achievement of the human development and poverty reduction targets envisaged in the Tenth Five Year Plan.

In January 2002, Government appointed a Steering Committee for overseeing MGP. The Chief Secretary is the Chairman of this Committee. It consisted of ten Secretaries in addition to the Director (IMG). Various task teams were appointed under the MGP Steering Committee in different thematic areas. Subsequently a Cabinet Sub Committee for MGP has also been formed.

Task teams prepared the first draft of MGP during the months January 2002 to March 2002. A workshop was held to discuss the different thematic papers prepared under MGP in April 2002. At the end of the workshop, a strategy document for MGP was prepared. Government considered the Strategy Document for MGP and circulated it for wide discussions. The Strategy was printed and published and was also disseminated through the Internet. The MGP strategy document conceptualized a development approach for Kerala around five important pillars, which are:

Ensuring assured level of basic publish services to the poor and the marginalized
Building an enabling environment for growth
Fiscal sustainability (both State and Local Self Governments)
Enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of core Government functions
Building on decentralization for efficient, effective and accessible Local Self Governments.

In each of these area, the task teams prepared Strategic Implementation Plans (SIPs). The SIPs are essentially a set of selected key results in each of the five themes listed above. They also contain the performance indicators with target dates as well as the monitoring mechanism for each of these performance indicators. As per G.O (Rt) No.7068/2002/GAD dated 12/11/2002 Government have approved the Strategic Implementation Plans (SIP).

The themes, problems and solutions identified in the SIP, are those that have received considerable attention of planners and administrators in Government and experts outside Government. The solutions identified build on many of Government's own initiatives to address the themes such as Administrative Reforms Committee Reports, White Paper on State Finances, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Power 2001, Letter of Shared Fiscal Goals February 2002 with Government of India

The Steering Committee for MGP was further expanded and Sub Committees with task teams for each of the five themes under MGP were constituted for the preparation of a Detailed Implementation Plan. Through a process of discussions, consultations and workshops, the Subcommittees for MGP along with Task Teams prepared schematic outlines of Detailed Implementation Plan for each theme under MGP. The MGP Steering Committee examined all those papers in detail and recommended for the approval of Cabinet. The theme wise listing of initiatives are as given below.

Number of Initiatives
Theme 1: Minimum Needs Programme
Theme 2: Enabling Environment for Economic Growth and Employment Generation
Theme 3: Fiscal Sustainability
Theme 4: Core Government Functions
Theme 5: Effective, Efficient and Accessible Local Self Governments

In G.O (Rt) No.4170/03/GAD dated 20/6/2003 Government have approved the Schematic Outlines of the Detailed Implementation Plan for 93 initiatives under MGP in principle and decided to circulate the papers widely for public and expert opinion and discussions. Subsequently as per G.O (Rt) No.7002/2003/Fin dated 27/08/2003, Schematic Outlines of 7 initiatives for the 3rd Theme of MGP viz. Fiscal Sustainability has also been approved. Thus Schematic Outlines of a total of 100 Initiatives have been published for public discussions.

After public discussions and expert consultations, another round of workshops were held for the preparation of Detailed Implementation Plans in respect of 93 initiatives under Modernising Government Programme. MGP Steering Committee examined the draft Detailed Implementation Plans prepared in the workshops and forwarded it to 16 Administrative Departments concerned plus Institute of Management in Government for suggestions. The revised draft incorporating the suggestions received was recommended by the MGP Steering Committee for Government approval. The Steering Committee has also recommended a Service Delivery Project as a fast track project of Modernising Government Programme. The Service Delivery Project is grounded mostly in the general initiatives under MGP that pertain directly to Service Delivery Issues. It seeks to improve the quality of services delivered by Government to the people of Kerala particularly the poor. Under the project, institutions will be selected in selected Departments and made models in terms of Service Delivery.

The Council of Ministers has discussed the Detailed Implementation Plans and Service Delivery Project in Detail and as per G.O (MS) No.345/03/GAD dated 26/11/2003 the Detailed Implementation Plans and as per G.O (MS) No.346/03/GAD dated 27/11/2003 the Service Delivery Project were approved for implementation.